Terastone provides offshore project management to manage the software development life cycle of a project on behalf of the Client at offshore and provide oversight. This work includes
  • Delivery Assurance for early defect detection and prevention help the Client to reduce development cost, time to market and post rollout support cost.
  • Risk Management for Client to identify and monitor risks during development and maintenance stage to minimize impact.
  • Delivery Management to ensure right project execution strategy is adopted resulting in cost reduction for Client and progressed based in-flight re-planning when required to ensure project deadlines and goals are met.
  • Issue Resolution for both Client and Client’s development vendor at a proactive level to ensure that the focus of software deliveries are driven by business needs of the end client.
  • Ensure optimized Process Implementation to reduce overheads and delivery times.


Project Estimation

Terastone provides complete Project Estimation to arrive at Time and Effort needed to complete the project for multi-site site and multi-time zone development. This work includes
  • Work Breakdown at Level 1
  • Effort Estimation
  • Staffing Pattern and Loading
  • Critical Path and Milestones
  • Execution Strategy
  • Risk Assessment
  • cope, Time and Quality Impact Analysis


Bid Management

Terastone provides Bid Management Services to IT organization and Business Process consulting organization. This work includes:

  • Bid Strategization
  • Technology Evaluation and Solutioning
  • Project Estimation
  • Proposal Development
  • Proof of Concept Development to Demonstrate Risk - Mitigation


Software Development

Terastone offers a host of onsite, near shore and offshore software development services to its clients. Terastone has all the key strengths that are required to making software development successful:

  • Software development process expertise
  • High quality talent pool
  • Rigor and discipline
  • Communication processes
  • Flexibility to meet changing business needs  

Terastone offers the following Software Development Services:

  • Application Development
  • System Software
  • Application Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Platform migration and Legacy transformation


Transition Process Consultancy

Terastone provides complete consultancy for offshore software development process, this could be for in-house facility or for outsourced development services. This work includes:

  • Transition Planning and Process.
  • Functional specifications, System specifications, Use Case and detailed program specifications. It also involves review processes.
  • Production matrices.
  • QA Operations, Test Plans and Change control Management.
  • Defect matrices, Defect Analysis and Causal analysis.
  • Training and Support.


Software Architecture Consulting

Architecture consulting can be provided at any stage of a project life cycle. Depending upon the stage and the requirements one or all of the following architectures would be created.

  • Technical architecture defining the software platforms and modules that would be required to deliver the solution. An analysis of build versus buy for the modules. A top level evaluation of the platforms and the interfaces required between the modules together with the interfacing technology recommendation.
  • Application Architecture would cover the application layering and integration standards, the application security standards and the recommended distribution of the components across the layers.
  • Deployment architecture would describe the optimum deployment configuration based on the cost, scalability, security and reliability needs.



Productization services would help customers convert existing or proposed software applications into standard product offerings for specified vertical segments. The service would involve market analyses, competitive analyses, SWOT analysis of the product, technical strengths and sales approach.


Onsite Consultancy and Contracting

Terastone offers cost-effective onsite professional services and staff augmentation within short periods of time. Terastone’s zealous recruiting process ensures that these resources have highly technically skills, good cultural fit with your team and working environment and a commitment to go the extra mile to get the job done. Our software engineers can supplement your existing team skills, enhance them and rapidly scale up your IT teams.

Our consultancy services also offer clients the flexibility of onsite presence that is coupled with the economic advantage of offshore development with a virtual development team. Our onsite team works closely with the customer's team, identifying needs, doing project planning and presenting a consistent and comfortable face to the client and providing a single point of contact onsite for all project related issues, while simultaneously working with the development team in India to monitor progress, communicate changes and address contingencies.


Software Quality Assurance

Terastone provides complete outsourced software testing services. This work includes:

  • Test Planning and Design
  • Functional and System Software Testing, Webpage and Web Services Testing, Installation and Configuration Testing, Stress Testing, Performance Testing, Scalability Testing, Usability Testing, Interoperability Testing, Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing.
  • QA Operations (Bug Modeling for Schedule Predictability, Schedule/Milestone Development and Review, Project Metrics (gathering, reporting, interpretation) & Quality Reports, Risk Assessments, Bug analysis and maintenance etc.
  • Training and Support (Any of the above services can be provided directly by Terastone, or we can act as mentors to your staff.)


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