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  1. "Terastone" means Terastone Inc, Terastone (UK) Ltd, Terastone Software India Private Limited.
  2. ‘The Site’ refers to Terastone's website, viz.
  3. "Content" includes content, information, files, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, animation video, messages, advertisements, promotions, or other materials contained or displayed on, or distributed through, or accessed from, the following:
    1. ‘The Site’
    2. Downloads from ‘The Site’
    3. Features, services and products of Terastone.
      and also includes content classified into various categories like but not limited to General Knowledge(GK), Quizzes, Questions and Answers, World News Quizzes, Trivia Online, Vocabulary, Other write-ups and other categories that Terastone may add from time to time.
  4. "YOU" means the person using (including but not limited to viewing/browsing) or visiting ‘The Site’ or using 'Content' and includes proprietorship firms, partnership firms, corporate entities, trusts, associations, groups and the like, if the person so using or visiting 'The Site' or using 'Content' is representing them. The term "YOUR" is to be construed accordingly."
  5. "Information" means any data, text, images, sound, voice, codes, computer programmes, software and databases or microfilm or computer generated microfiche, which identifies or can be used to or is capable of identifying, contacting or locating the person to whom such information pertains. Information includes information submitted through any module and/or section of the website. For the purposes of this definition, "computer" means any electronic, magnetic, optical or other high-speed data processing device or system which performs logical, arithmetic, and memory functions by manipulations of electronic, magnetic or optical impulses, and includes all input, output, processing, storage, computer software, or communication facilities which are connected or related to the computer in a computer system or computer network.
  6. "Data" means a representation of facts, knowledge, concepts, information or instructions which are being prepared or have been prepared in a formalized manner, and is intended to be processed, is being processed or has been processed in a computer system or computer network and may be in any form.

Terastone respects every individual's privacy and their choice not to have their personal information shared with others. Terastone intends as far as possible, to give all persons an informative, interesting and hassle-free visit to ‘The Site’ and usage of 'Content', where applicable.

What is covered by this Privacy Policy

1.1 This Privacy Policy covers Terastone's treatment of personally identifiable "Information", that Terastone collects when YOU are on ‘The Site’, and when YOU use 'Content', where applicable. This policy also covers Terastone's treatment of any "Information" that its business partners may share with Terastone.

1.2 This policy does not apply to the practices of persons or entities that Terastone does not own or control, or to people that Terastone does not employ or manage.

1.3 ‘The Site’ may contain links to other websites outside the Terastone domain. In such cases, Terastone is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites.

1.4 This Policy is subject to the 'Terms of Use and Disclaimers' appearing on ‘The Site’.

What information does Terastone collect

Terastone requires YOU to register on ‘The Site’ as and when applicable. During this process, Terastone may ask for certain details from YOU. Terastone also receives and records information on its server logs from YOUR browser, including YOUR IP address, cookie information and the page(s) YOU requested.

How Terastone protects customer information

3. To further expand the channels of communication with YOU, Terastone may give YOU the facility to create a User Name and Password that shall be used to access the applicable features and/or services available on ‘The Site’. Subject to the 'Disclaimers' given below, Terastone confirms that "Information" collected by Terastone shall not be passed by Terastone to any other person or entity without YOUR confirmation.

3.1 E-mail Policy
Email addresses given to Terastone by YOU may be used to send to YOU, data relating to 'Content' or Terastone's services, products etc. or such information that Terastone feels might be of interest to YOU. This is not intended to be in the nature of spamming by Terastone, and is not be construed as such. However, at times, a third party affiliate like a payment service provider, and such persons / entities that are affiliated to Terastone for facilitating normal business transactions of Terastone, may use YOUR email addresses in accordance with their respective policies. In such cases, Terastone shall in no way be responsible for the action of such affiliates.

3.2 Usage of "Cookies"
"Cookies" are pieces of information that are placed on YOUR computer to help "personalize" YOUR visit(s) to ‘The Site’. It is usually a file that is automatically (or in some cases, after prompting) saved on YOUR computer. Wherever possible, Terastone avoids the usage of "Cookies". However, in certain situations, usage of "Cookies " may be the only alternative to facilitate usage of ‘The Site’. A cookie allows recording certain actions and/or issues such as the login name or where YOU left off last in a course of action. Most major Web sites use "Cookies" exactly for this purpose. The use of "Cookies" is now an industry standard and users will find them on most major websites. A cookie reveals nothing more than what YOU choose to tell. A "Cookie" cannot tell who YOU are or the exact place where YOU are located. The "Cookie" only reveals that YOU had visited ‘The Site’ before and may contain certain information that will help Terastone make YOUR subsequent visit more user friendly.

3.3 Security
"Information" stored with Terastone, is password protected. All due diligence has been and will be applied for preventing unauthorized access to this information.

3.4 Opt Out
Terastone provides users the opportunity to opt out of receiving communications from Terastone. YOU may elect to avoid future communications from Terastone by sending an e-mail to Terastone by using the Website Administration link available from the Contact Us module, with YOUR user name and e-mail address.

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